Windows CLion

Has anyone been successful with the new clion exporter for Windows.?

For the life of me I can’t get it to work! Not even with the Hello World example.

What am I missing?


What error messages are you seeing?

What toolchain are you using?

Can you compile other CLion-based projects?

My mistake! I had been using cygwin instead of mingw so all compiling now and I look forward to delving further.

Just one issue - the include_directories entry in CMakelists for the project source is using Windows backslash so needs to be changed each time.

Thanks for letting us know - we’ll get that fixed.

There are a few other things to be aware of - see this thread:

This is now fixed on the develop branch.

Am I the only one who finds the linking terribly slow (on Windows, didn’t test elsewhere)? It lasts one minute even after modifying a tiny file. Anyone has a solution? This really prevents me from using CLion as a replacement for Visual Studio…

When using the CLion project generated by Projucer, you are using a different compiler and linker than when using Visual Studio. With Visual Studio you are using MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++), while with CLion you are using MinGW. This can have a big impact on compilation time, linking time, and mostly on the final binaries. You should take that into account when selecting in which IDE you want to work. CLion might have awesome features, but if it means that your application becomes slower to build and slower to run, you not really “winning”.

Yes, I was aware of MinGW. This is not a problem for me regarding the final binaries, because I am still producing my final binaries with VS triggered by Jenkins. My question was more about maybe what specific version of GCC was used, because the only one that worked for me is the one embedded with CodeBlocks, but it is rather old.

This version of MinGW is fully supported CLion on Windows:

Unfortunately, it’s still rather old; you’re limited to gdb versions 7.8.x - 7.11.x. If you don’t care about the debugger then it might be possible to compile using a more modern release . The other builds from the same source in sourceforge are reliable.

Thanks. I tried this one, it works fine on 64 bits. Still, the linking if terribly slow (3 minutes, at every build).