Windows Phone support for the core module?

Hi there,

I'm building a library tho share code with mac, android and windows phone. For now everything works on android and iOS, but it looks that WP is not supported.

Does anybody knows if WP will be supported?

NOTE: I'm using only the core module, it is possible to compile it for WP?

Now that MS have announced their plans for a new exe format that'll work on all their platforms (i.e. Win8, mobile + Xbox) then yes, I certainly want to support that. Can't give you a timeline though, I'm afraid!

I've been googleing it but I only found info in the wikipedia (, can you tell me what is the official name?

I know that you don't have any timeline for this, but could you tell me if it would take les than 3 months? 


Sorry to bring up this old thread but any news on this? I kinda need to now your plans with Windows Phone. The thing is that I am an owner of JUCE single product licence and now I am about to write another application which needs to run on Windows Phone as well. I need to decide whether to buy and upgrade of JUCE licence for this new app (in case there is WP support in near future) or whether I need to look for some other framework (like QT, which I don't like very much...).



Can't honestly say when/if that'll make it onto our priority list any time soon.. Maybe next year, but very unlikely in the next few months.

Thanks for the answer. A year might be too much but still thanks for letting me know.


Any update on the subject? What is a current state of windows phone support?