Windows Sub-Project Support

Just given the new Xcode subproject support a try and it works incredibly well! Picked up the built framework and embedded it within the built application all from just setting the Xcode project path.

This brings me to wonder, will we be seeing similar support for Visual Studio solutions/ projects any time soon?


It’s on the todo list. We need Xcode subprojects for some internal work, so they got implemented first.

Great to hear, I look forward to it!

Could I make a small feature request for the Xcode subproject support. Can we have an option for adding the build products to the relevant xcode search path? Currently I’m still adding the framework search paths manually as well as using the new subprojects.

Could you provide an example subproject where the search paths need modifying?

Apologies, Xcode seemed to be having a moment and not finding the include. All is sorted now! Thanks Tom