Windows touch screen issue with latest release when scaling not 100%

I have received a bug report. I wasn’t able to reproduce it because i don’t have any windows touch device:

I did some more testing and found that the problem occurs whenever Windows’ scaling factor is not 100% (“Change the size of text, apps, and other items” in display settings). For instance, when I had the setting at 175%, tapping on a Chorus button would actually trigger a DCO button.

I have some plugins that i didn’t update and the user told me that they work. Maybe it has to do with the latest windows DPI changes.

Can anyone with a touch device try to reproduce this?

edit: the problem occurs with Windows 10 Pro in Ableton Live Suite 10.0.5 not sure if other hosts are affected.

Does this only occur when using the touch screen?

Yes, mouse works ok on the users system:

scaling issue with touch taps (not “tabs”) with my finger (though using a separate mouse works fine)

OK, I’ll look into this. As a temporary workaround you can ask the user to right-click on the plug-in in Live and deselect “Auto-Scale Plug-In Window” and it should work correctly.

Hi Ed

Thanks for looking into this and for the work around. The user avoids windows scaling at all as a work around:

use a 100% Windows scaling factor and increase Ableton zoom and scale plugin to compensate.

This commit should fix the issue.

Thanks for the fast fix. I will try that asap and hope the user has time to verify it.