Windows version not working at all


just downloaded the zip file.
Unpacked it and then double clicked the Projucer.exe.

It gave immidiately a generic error. So no specific details to it.

I’m running Windows 32-bits. I redownloaded it by copying the download url to my brwoser.
Else i need to register my email address again. Don’t know why is chosen for that…

So i can’t run it.

Any idea how to get it running?


Just found it myself on this forum.
It’s a 64 bit package and need to create the 32bit myself.

Can you please put the message to the package that it’s 64bit? The other forum topic is from november.

I like clear information :wink:

Yes, we’ll do that.

Thank you for reporting.

Meanwhile the 32bit port as described worked very good :slight_smile: