WIP, audio mixer with send/return ports

hi everyone,
first, i´d like to thanks people who answered me on my first post here :slight_smile: nice to see good people on this forum.

well, im starting my first wip, and i am wondering where to post the progress of this project, maybe you can tell me moreabout the forum organisation :slight_smile: gracias

to talk about the project itself (will be open source on github repo)…
the main goal is to produce a “not so simple” audio mixer, using soundcard inputs and outputs.
in this terms, i would add some “send&return” buses.

Questions now:
as i should have some “buses selectors” for the users to change the app settings due to the large choice of soudcards, i would like to be sure that Juce allow me to implement such selectors, what do you think about it ?

about the buffer, this “mixer” will accept up to 4 inputs, mixed/distributed to 4 outputs, in reel time, as the inputs can be microphones or any audio external sources… do you have any suggestions to be sure the app will not get any delay on the outputs jack ?

thanks a lot to whom may answer this, i will really appreciate, thx
have a nice day