Wish: isPositiveAndBelow with size_t

Morning juce team,

since using more and more std:: containers, I have to cast very often the unsigned int / size_t.
There is already a specialisation for:

inline bool isPositiveAndBelow (const int valueToTest, const int upperLimit) noexcept

Could the same be added for size_t (or unsigned int, I don’t have an opinion, which one is more appropriate), please?

inline bool isPositiveAndBelow (const int valueToTest, const size_t upperLimit) noexcept


It’s actually superfluous for unsigned types, because you can just compare them directly to get the same result. In fact, internally all the isPositiveAndBelow does it cast it to an unsigned type and do exactly that!

…not really, if I want to check an int value, if it is positive and below a size_t, I still have to check both:

size_t upperLimit = std::numeric_limit<unsigned int>::max();
int    valueToTest = -5;

In this case the check isPositiveAndBelow is not superfluous at all.

The implementation only works, because both arguments are of the same type. But I am talking of a very common use-case, that the second argument is coming from an unsigned int (any std::size() method).
In this case it would need to be:

template <>
inline bool isPositiveAndBelow (const int valueToTest, const unsigned int upperLimit) noexcept
    jassert (upperLimit >= 0); // makes no sense to call this if the upper limit is itself below zero..
    return valueToTest >= 0 && static_cast<unsigned int> (valueToTest) < static_cast<unsigned int> (upperLimit);

Does this make sense now?

oh, I see. I guess it should probably be templated then. Ta, will have a look.

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Cool, just saw you did it already here -
many thanks!
Glad, you could get rid of some raw casts in juce code as well :wink: