Hi all,


I'm back on my major project with some free time over Xmas and I'm really pleased with the new combined Introjucer and GUI Editor, and with the new demo.  Great stuff as always!


I don't want to sound like I'm asking for stuff out of turn but I find myself in a cumbersome workflow so either I'm doing something wrong (which is very likely) or the amzing Introjucer could be improved yet further ;)


  • When saving a project I'd expect it to save all modified files too.  If I tweak several CPP/GUI layouts the easiest way to know which ones need saving is to quit the introJucer altogether and repsond to the 'save changes' dialogs for each modified file.
  • It would also be sweet if we could invoke a command-line build & run directly from the jucer.


Current workflow; jucer has 15+ files open... I tweak a few [forgetting which!] so have to close jucer saving changes on all dialogs. VS then asks if I want to reload the changed files [yes to all] then I can hit build&run.  Take a look, close it down, fire jucer back up and start over.

Better(?) workflow;  Tweak as many GUI layouts as I like; hit build&run in the jucer :)


BTW I'm doing a bit of programatic tweaking to the UI that obviously can't be replicated purely with 'Test Component'.


Anyway, I'm happy to have such an amazing cross-platform toolkit at my disposal and look forward to making good progress before my day job kicks back in in the new year...  I've already got a decent*, re-size happy UI, cross compiling in XP and Ubuntu and a lot of my project *just* needs porting from the failed system I spent over a year developing it with.





* decent = Greatly functional yet damned fugly... The screen shots on the front page mean I can't wait till the day comes when beautifying my app is my only priority :)

Yes, I've been meaning to add a "save all" command - thanks for the reminder!

Having build-and-run functionality was my whole plan with the Projucer, though no idea when I'll ever get time to go back to that :(