Wrapper for remote controlling plugins

I’m planning a tool which allows you to enumerate and remote control plugin parameters. My current approach is a wrapper, which creates a map of the parameters and sends incoming MIDI/OSC messages directly to the wrapped plugin. However, I can think of 2 ways to realize this:

Option 1: Deploy the wrapper as a plugin, which the user has to load the desired target plugin himself.
Option 2: Create an application, which scans your plugin folder and builds a “wrapped” version of each target plugin. (Novation Automap style)

I think option 1 is the easiest way, but I’m not sure if a plugin’s name can be changed dynamically or if the DAW only checks the plugin’s name once as it’s loaded. (For option 1 this means that my wrapper plugin would always appear as e.g.“Wrapper” and not as the target plugin, e.g. “Xfer Serum (wrapped)”.)
Since I’m a JUCE and plugin-development newbie, I’d appreciate your help/suggestions on this.

Many thanks!

The novation auto-wrap thing was horrible :wink:


Option 1 is much nicer such as -

Imagine how nice it was for people to get their sessions with RTAS plug-ins broken on AAX.

Oh, since I dont’t own a Novation controller I never used Automap myself, but on first glance this looked like a convenient system… Why do you think so?