writeText breaking change

virtual bool writeText (const String& text,
                        bool asUTF16,
                        bool writeUTF16ByteOrderMark,
                        const char* lineEndings);

Don’t remember seeing a breaking change listed for the addition of the lineEndings parameter here, or was the intention to default it to nullptr so that it didn’t affect existing code?


The breaking changes list is mainly for things that are non-obvious or need some explanation.

In this case, adding a parameter isn’t going to silently break anyone’s code, you’ll get a compiler error and it should be pretty easy to know what you want that to do. I could have added a default value for it (which would be “\r\n”) to allow existing code to compile as normal, but TBH I think people should probably be forced to make a decision about line endings in this kind of function.

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ok, thx for the explanation