Writing Ogg to console

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Last time I have posted one question related to writing WAV format to standered out. I got satisfactory answer and I tried the suggested way. Thanks for the same. :smiley:
Now I want to try the Ogg format output to be written on the standered output. I tried the way I did WAV but I am always getting following error:
jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib(juce_OggVorbisAudioFormat.obj) : error LNK2005: _bitreverse already defined

The way I am doing is:
I have defined another class TempOggWriter, which is copy of the OggWriter, I have just replaced the “ouptut” which is OutputStream with stdout file handler and using fwrite() to write the data to standered out.

Please help me in this too…

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Maybe you’re linking to other libraries that use that symbol.

Perhaps try the amalgamated version?

And surely the sensible way to do what you want would be to write yourself a simple OutputStream class that writes to stdout (probably only about 20 lines of code), and pass that to the normal ogg writer??

Hi Jules,

Yes i tried this one in my Application the way you told and yes it is working well.


Hello Jules,

Thanks for your reply!

I found that the error was due to the non-required lib I was using in my application.
I will try the suggested way and let you know!


I was surprised to find that JUCE doesn’t have such an OutputStream included in it!

Here’s an incomplete (doesn’t handle failing writes) implementation in the 20 lines of code budget:

class StdOutputStream : public juce::OutputStream
    StdOutputStream (std::ostream& stream_) : stream (stream_) {}

    void flush() override { stream.flush(); }
    int64 getPosition() override { return stream.tellp(); }
    bool setPosition (int64 pos) override
        stream.seekp (pos);
        return getPosition() == pos;
    bool write (const void* data, size_t size) override
        stream.write ((const char*) data, size);
        return true;

    std::ostream& stream;