WYSIWYG using own components

Couldn’t find a Q on this so here goes: I’d like to be able to use Jucer with my own components. To be able to do that I thought of a quasi-plugin interface spec like:

  1. Make sure all components that are to be used in your project is placed in a DLL which has enumeration and creation functions (everything that is needed to be able to test component live in Jucer and to make code generation work)

  2. Let Jucer know the path to the DLL, load it and make available the different components within the DLL.

This should make it possible to add my own components in Jucer (like the generic component but with wysiwyg). There are a couple of things that spring to mind though:

  • Resources for dynamically loaded components (such as images etc.) must be available to the component at design time. This could be handled by a Resource object/file path which points to some directory and is given to a component via the creation interface (and is defined in Jucer for the particular DLL and/or Jucer session)

  • Jucer & component DLL needs to be compiled using the same version and linking of Juce. This does not seem to me a big problem though…

Then there certianly can be found other considerations to take into account, but it should do for a start…

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

TBH it’s probably a lot less hassle to link your comps directly into the jucer. Rather than building a DLL when they change, you’d just recompile the jucer itself, and you wouldn’t need to mess around with extra projects and DLLs.

There’s probably a neat way that you could design a header file for the jucer to include, which just includes the relevant custom code, along with some extra bits to tell it what classes to use.