Xcode 10, iOS audio-plugin not showing as an iOS App in Organizer


Today I had to send an update of my iOS audio-plugin (standalone + AUv3 appex) and noticed the archived product don’t appear in the “iOS Apps” category in the Organizer, thus meaning you can’t submit it to the App Store.

This seems to be related to the new build system introduced with Xcode 10. Fortunately, the legacy build system is still available: go to File > Project Settings... and select it from here. This did the trick.

Hope that may help.



Thanks for the report, should be fixed here:


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Hi Ed,

Just checked out and tested. It works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Hey guys, I just comment on a previous topic here.

After reading this topic though, I’m pretty sure my issue is related to this latest fix described above.

Can you please confirm?

Sounds like it. Have you tried building your project using the develop branch of JUCE which contains this fix?

yes, this fixed my issue. Thanks for your immediate response!