XCode 4.3.1 and iOS 5.1

Anyone taken the plunge yet?

I’m still retreating in 4.2 land after hearing horror stories about 4.3. Perhaps 4.3.1 is better? Let me know. Thanks

My iOS apps still run on iOS 5.1, and still build clean on 4.3.1 against the 5.1 SDK.

I don’t know that 4.3 was really a ‘horror story’. More of a C++2011 bump. I think that the bulk of the stuff was code like this:

int something
something = 0xFFEEDDCC;

Prior to C++2011, 0xFFEEDDCC was generally truncated to 32 bit. Now that larger literals, etc. are permitted, it is simply converted to a great big (positive) value. Too big to fit in the signed, 32 bit int (notice the MSB was 1, generally indicated a negative twos-complement number).

The upgrade to Xcode 4.3.1 worked fine for me. Actually, I have the feeling Xcode 4.3.1 is faster.


Good to know folks. Thanks. I will take the plunge.