Xcode >4.6 and Clang

Since Apple is dropping gcc support i was wondering what does this mean in terms of Juce. One thing i notices is that with LLVM on XCode 4.6 i don’t get exceptions unless i change the Language Dialect. I need exceptions for luabind and catching runtime errors in lua methods.

I was wondering is JUCE using exceptions and will they be removed in time, since apparently c++ will deprecate exceptions. Also what’s the replacement for exception in C++0x ?

Where did you see that c++ is about to deprecate exceptions?
Looks rather unlikely to me.


C++0x will deprecate exceptions I saw this in many articles and docs on the web. I also fell into this trap when building my app with LLVM on the mac. My exceptions stopped working and my app started crashing where it should report errors and continue. There is a C++ dialect setting but I don’t know witch one to use so I get good Juce behavior and exceptions working (there are at leat 4 dialects that could do that I think).

No! You’ve totally misread it!

This is talking about exception specifications, not exceptions themselves. (Nobody ever used exception specifications anyway, as most compilers ignored them)

I see, that is different i didn’t know something like that even existed.

But how come exceptions (the try() catch() stuff) is not working when compiling with LLVM/Clang. It starts working when i delete the property for “C++ Language Dialect” that is Xcode sets some default value, but i don’t know what that default is and i’d like to write it in my .introjucer projects so it doesn’t get changed when Apple decides to change their mind again.