XCode 4 - release/debug?

Has anybody got their heads round why XCode 4 doesn’t make it easy to see if you’re building for Release/Debug?


I think I’m getting my head around it. Different schemes exist, and these can be built using Debug/Release variants.

The Archive scheme should use the Release variant on Mac; for iOS, the Archive scheme should use the Distribution variant (signed with the AdHoc certificate).

XCode 4.1 is really missing a few things:

  • tool tips on many/most buttons
  • cancel option on many dialogs (mind you, this was generally a problem in XCode 3!)
  • vi editor mode :slight_smile:

Hm…I’m not sure where you are going with the “Distribution” variant.

For Release I just build for profiling. For Bebug I just Run. When I archive, its the Release variant. I have (hopefully) a properly set up and configured XCode 4 project illustrating the use of Juce as a child static library (alongside DSP Filters as a child static library). You should be able to pick up my source tree, add the DSPFiltersDemo XCode 4 project to your workspace, and build it for all targets with no problems whatsoever:


I would also like to add, I upgraded both the XCode 4 and the Visual Studio 2010 project setups to use shared build settings (.xcconfig files in XCode 4, .props in Visual Studio). So you can also see how those work.

In terms of iOS, the shared settings turn Thumb off for armv6, and a bunch of other tweaks that get the most from the build. You can open the .xcconfig files to see how that was done, or even use the .xcconfig files directly in your own projects with multiple platform targets.