XCode 4 Who's using it

I’ve been struggling with XCode 4 from the day it came out, the layout sucks and it’s a pig if you try to use it on a machine that was built a year+ ago. Apple also only goes up-to iOS 4.3 with XCode 3.2.6 now and say that XCode 3 is not supported on Lion, though there are ways to set it up on Lion. I wan’t to know and get a sanity check on how many people have actually bitten the bullet and are using XCode 4 for production development use etc…

I’m using it now. It does have some monumentally crap aspects to it, but the compiler, debugger and code completion are all much better. Took me about a week before I stopped being angry at it, but once you’ve changed the key shortcuts to some non-stupid choices, it’s not so bad.

tbh, xcode 4 is the first version I’ve ever used (seeing as it was ‘the version’ when I got my first mac). I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to find an older version! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using xcode 3 for about 1 year, on snow leopard. Great ide IMO.
About 2 months ago I switched to xcode 4.
Panic attack. Almost everything wasn’t where it used to be! Even the compile shortcut, now it’s cmd+r instead of cmd+return!
Anyway, as Jules already said, it’s very very fast when it comes to compile stuff and auto-completion.
I still miss the old (xcode 3) debugging window though.