Xcode 4?

Hi Folks!

Has anybody tried Juce with Xcode 4? Any issues to look out for? :slight_smile:


I’ve tried it, seems to work fine with Introjucer generated files. They’ve changed all the keyboard shortcuts around though which is a real pain.

Thanks Dave!

I guess that means that Objective C++ works OK - which I was nervous about!



It renames your old Developer folder on install so as not to overwrite Xcode 3.2. There are some interesting features in 4 but as I only have a 13.3" screen I found the ‘unified’ interface a bit crowded, not being able to undock the console was getting a real pain. Plus its a real memory hog which made it almost unusable if I had a few projects open at once. The compile as you type feature is interesting though, if a bit naggy.

I’ve got a 15.4 MBP upgrade coming next week as it happens, to replace my 13.3 … maybe that’ll help! … it’ll be an 8GB machine; I hope that XCode 4 doesn’t grab all that RAM!!!

I have to hope that issues like you mention (the Console dialog) are addressed in due course; but that said, they’ve been working on this for a long time, so maybe it isn’t seen as an issue. Maybe most people using it have great big monitors (!) - whereas, I do all my coding on laptops!


I think you’ll be fine with anything up from an old 13.3 I’ve seen worse memory hogs (cough Adobe!). There may be a way to split windows although its fairly well hidden if there is. It took me a while to just open a source file in a new window the handy “Open In Separate Editor” menu item is gone and you now have to go through Open As->Source Code->In A New Window, or some faf like that. It will be interesting to see what people on here make of it.

Interesting stuff Dave… can you think of any good reasons to move to it - or do you feel that XCode 3 still does the job OK…?


Well the indexing features are more complete, context aware and robust. That means that auto complete and jump to definition for symbols just work a lot better. The find features are also improved by this as it will recognise definitions, function calls and just plain text and show you them in context which makes for pretty speedy editing.

Again the compile as you type is kinda cool, it means there is less time spent fixing errors after building (as you know before hand that it wont compile) so could save you time there but as I said can be a bit annoying. I know I often type code that wont compile as I’m writing a function, just as place holders etc. and for it to constantly tell me that can be a bit frustrating, I think you’ll get used to it though.

The side by side editors is also a nice idea as it will automatically load the header for the source file you are working on or older copies of a file from a repository.

What I don’t like is how things are grouped into sidebars now. For example the build results, find & replace, groups and files and debugger windows are all part of the same left hand side bar now, so every time you build the context will change so you have to continuously hit cmd+1 to get back to your list of source files.

In all honesty I haven’t made my mind up yet. I was using it for a few days but decided to move back as I was spending too much time looking for features or hitting the wrong shortcuts etc. I’m also on a deadline so may wait until after that to give it a thorough work out. If you have some time I would at least try it out, its no hassle to install, set up or load existing project files so I can’t really see any harm in it.

Interesting stuff indeed. Thanks very much for your thoughts!

I’m also on a tight deadline, so might just defer experimentation for a few weeks. :slight_smile: