XCode 5.1 deprecated register keyword

I haven’t checked if you’ve changed this in the IntroJucer yet, but if you haven’t you’ll probably need to add:


to the XCode LLVM 5.1 Custom compiler flags section for the Other Warning Flags.



Ah, I've not updated to 5.1 yet - will do soon and will check that, thanks.

This changes causes some problems:

  • Compilation now fails in Xcode 3 (it doesn't know the flag -Wno-deprecated-register and complains wrt no such file name..)
  • IIUC, these warnings are currently turned off for everything and not just for the old 3rd-party code that triggers it. These warnings might be of use (at least Apple thought so?) so turning them off globally is probably not the best solution.

It seems that in similar cases in JUCE the specific warnings are turned off just for the offending 3rd party code via pragmas, wouldn't that way be better here as well?

See patch at https://github.com/yairchu/JUCE/commit/c3387a0acf225916d0b38776c277d4c993d6b548

Cheers, Yair


People are still using Xcode 3!?? Sigh.. ok, thanks, I'll sort that out..

Yeah, iirc Xcode 4 wouldn't build stuff that would really work on 10.5 (or was it ppc? I don't remember), and as we generally strive to be as compatible as possible, we still build our shipping installers with Xcode 3. We only dropped ppc support when we had to because of PACE stuff not supporting it...

But anyhow disabling the warnings for the specific 3rd party code would be better right?

Yes, I've changed it now. Not sure why I didn't do it that way to start with TBH.