Xcode 5 Juce Open In

Hi Guys, 


Is there someway to set the introjucer to use Xcode 5 when clicking "open in" or "save and open in". 


I assume this is due to the fact that paths for the application have now changed as it is stored as a regular app rather than under the Developer folder. 


I have been trying to play around with changing company / au manufacturer names and getting this to be picked up in Logic Pro. I don't think the manufacturer name is being updated and fairly sure this is due to having to open the Xcode project under the Juce builds folder everytime rather than going straight from Introjucer "open in". 





Josh - it just works for me here.  Have you got both new and old Xcode installed then?

It looks like Introjucer does this: 

    bool launchProject() override


       #if JUCE_MAC

        return getProjectBundle().startAsProcess();


        return false;



So whatever happens when you double-click on the xcodeproj file in Finder, i think, should be what happens when you launch from Introjucer. 

Does that help at all? :)