Xcode 7.2 "Upgrade to recommend settings" dialog, destroys project settings view

If you open a introjucer project, then XCode warns with a "Upgrade to recommend settings"-dialog.

If you open this dialog, even if you  press "Cancel", it seems all settings will dissapear from the project in XCode (but will still used)




I just tidied up a few things in the Introjucer. Now this "Upgrade to recommend settings" warning should not appear anymore when you re-save a project.

Hope this works.


Just have the same with Projucer from the development branch

Did somebody check this @timur @fabian @jules, the problem seems to reappear with Projucer

Yes I can confirm that this bug is back. I’ll let Timur have a look at this.

Has this ever been fixed?

Update: Its NOT fixed, latest XCode 8.2.1 with latest JUCE from development branch, project files build by Projucer

We’re aware of this and we’re currently in the middle of overhauling all of the exporters. When this is done some of the recommended settings problems will be fixed. Others require framework code changes and I think it’s best to address these once the new exporters have been released and tested properly.

This is now fixed on the develop branch.