Xcode 8.x IDE crashing

Anyone else having the Xcode 8.x IDE crashing while editing or idle? I haven’t found a trigger… but I’m getting at least one ‘poof’ event a day since updating to Xcode 8.0 and now 8.1 on OS X 10.11.6

I’ll lose any code which hasn’t been saved when this occurs.

Wondering if it’s just moi…?



Had this a lot with Xcode 7 but not 8 yet. It’s the syntax checking that crashes, and I had some files that really triggered it, to the point where I had to open them in a different editor to avoid problems. Didn’t bother tracking down exactly what syntax it couldn’t handle though.

Yes, happened to me. Once Xcode 8 just crashed and exited, and once it took down the entire machine, hang first and then auto reboot.

What I noticed before those two crashes was that my keyboard input seemed to “hang”, e.g. I’d type a line normally and when hitting Enter, the cursor stopped blinking and everything just stuck. I could still move the mouse and click/type around vividly outside of Xcode, but in Xcode everything was idle, at least 10-20 seconds in one go. When it eventually came back, it was looping my input, like I had kept pressing the Enter key over the entire time it idled.

This happened two or three times, maybe 30 minutes or an hour apart, then Xcode crashed.

However, it’s not crashing on a daily basis here, only twice so far.
I don’t see a pattern yet. But yes, it seems to be related to the syntax checker/highlighter.

Occasionally it’s crashing quite a lot. i.e can go for days without a crash but sometimes there’s several crashes per hour, so it’s probably related to specific files projects or actions (debugging etc).

In my experience, it depends on what you are editing: sometimes I can get Xcode to crash reliably when editing a certain source file. It’s a bit strange.

What’s off is that I’ll copy a method declaration from a class in one header file and paste it to another class in a separate header file… and it’ll sometimes crash while I’m editing the the pasted code… but if I restart Xcode and do the exact same steps again it’ll be fine.

My gut feeling was that it was related to the Xcode feature where you can Command click on a variable or method… which has sometimes stopped working.



Crikey! Just had a ‘poof’ while looking at some of the JUCE source code… I wasn’t even editing anything and the project wasn’t dirty.