Xcode - App Category

Xcode is puking this out when building for release:

warning: No App Category is set for target ‘MyApp - App’. Set a category by using the General tab for your target, or by adding an appropriate LSApplicationCategory value to your Info.plist. (in target ‘MyApp - App’ from project ‘MyApp’)

Anybody have a clue how to configure this? I’m using the Projucer but am not seeing an option to set this…

You could try adding something like this to the “Custom PList” field of the Xcode exporter:


Completely not tested though :slightly_smiling_face:

Great, thanks! I’ll have a look at the plist… IIRC, the plist is used for other things, so it’s “just” a matter of jamming the category into it (from LSApplicationCategoryType).

Can you please provide some steps to reproduce that warning? I’ve not been able to trigger something similar.

Sure, I’ll investigate perhaps later today. Off the top of my head it was rather simple - just create a new project and build for release in the latest Xcode.

Using Xcode 12.3 (12C33), open any Projucer generated xcodeproj and click “product” -> “archive”.

Example results:


Excellent thanks!