XCode doesn't seem to detect my dependencies

I originally started this in the Mac thread but I’m now thinking it’s more a Introjucer question.

I’m on a new Juce project these days after a several month break - you can see it here.

I just realized today that for some reason Xcode doesn’t seem to understand my header dependencies at all - when I changed the central header file included by all my code and nothing got rebuilt.

I went and tried my old project - and when I changed my “central header” file everything got rebuilt, on the same machine, same Xcode (version 3.2.6).

All the header files are in fact in the Introjucer and are in the XCode project - but for some reason Xcode doesn’t see the dependencies in the new project and does in the old.

The big difference - the new project was built with a much newer version of the Introjucer, perhaps almost a year newer than the older one (which is mothballed right now, though it still builds fine).

Doesn’t ring any bells, I’m afraid… Dependencies all seem hunky-dory in Xcode 4.6, could just be an Xcode 3 problem.

Well, it’s very reproducible so I’ll try to A/B the old and new projects when I get a minute and report back if I find anything.

For now, I just “touch” my source code folder each time I compile. Annoying, but it’s better than a complete clean which forces Juce to recompile.

At some point I will be upgrading to Xcode 4, but that point is August of 2013. :smiley: Yes, I’m forced to plan my time very much ahead these days…

So if anyone has ideas here, I’m all out of them myself. It’s frustrating and it keeps causing me trouble.

I compared my working project’s Xcode file settings to this broken new one. They seem identical.

If I create a new Xcode project from scratch, I can’t even figure out a way to disable dependency checking, it seems to work fine automatically. And searching has gotten me nothing.

On the very off-chance that someone is interested, the whole project is here.