XCode not finding my class methods

This is weird… either I’m blind or stupid…

XCode 4.3.2 - Juce v2.0.21

I have a Juce generated component where I subclass Component:

[code]class CTrackComponent : public Component
CTrackComponent ();

//[UserMethods]     -- You can add your own custom methods in this section.

void setIndexValue (int iIndex);
void setPosition (int iPosition);


void paint (Graphics& g);
void resized();
void moved();
void parentSizeChanged();
void lookAndFeelChanged();
bool hitTest (int x, int y);
void mouseDown (const MouseEvent& e);
void mouseDrag (const MouseEvent& e);
void mouseUp (const MouseEvent& e);


//[UserVariables] – You can add your own custom variables in this section.

Image   *channelStripImage;

Image   *channelBlockImage;

bool    m_bDragging;

int     m_iTrackIndex;
int     m_iTrackPosition;


// (prevent copy constructor and operator= being generated..)
CTrackComponent (const CTrackComponent&);
const CTrackComponent& operator= (const CTrackComponent&);


I’ve define the methods in the cpp file:

[code]//[MiscUserCode] You can add your own definitions of your custom methods or any other code here…

void CTrackComponent::setIndexValue(int iIndex)
m_iTrackIndex = iIndex;

void CTrackComponent::setPosition(int iPosition)
m_iTrackPosition = iPosition;


in PluginEditor.cpp I use:

[code] int k=0;
CTrackComponent temp2;


If I highlight setIndexValue and Jump to definition it takes me to the correct location in my code, but if I compile or try and autocomplete setIndexValue doesn’t show up and I get a compile error: No member named setIndexValue in CTrackComponent

If I create a test class from scratch all member functions are found and everything works as expected… All files are in the project…

What am I missing



Well when all logic fails… Copying the contents of the .h and .cpp files to new files and removing the originals from the project fixed the problem… :shock: