Xcode project generation features

Just off the top of my head, here's a few things missing from Introjucer's Xcode project generator which I am missing:

  • Architecture selection. By default, the project will generate a 64-bit x86 binary. While I don't think anyone really cares about PPC support anymore, it would be at least nice to force a 32/64-bit universal binary, at least for release builds, given the number of 32-bit sequencers still out there.
  • Mac OSX SDK version, and...
  • Minimum supported Mac OSX version. I've run into situations where building on Mountain Lion with the combination of default settings of "Current Mac OS" for both the SDK and minimum supported version generates a binary that is not compatible with Lion (or presumably other older Mac OSX versions). The minimum SDK version especially would be nice to have.

Also I've noticed that with Xcode 5, a warning is generated with the project and the IDE asks you to verify some settings and upgrade the project format. As I'm not in front of my Mac right this second, I can't exactly recall what this warning was about, but it's more of an annoyance rather than a serious concern.

You can set Base SDK version, Compatability Version, and Architecture seperately for Debug and Release in their respective menus

Yeah, looks like you've missed a whole bunch of setting pages!

I've still not gone to Xcode 5, but will iron out any niggles when I finally get chance to upgrade.