Xcode: You don't have permission


I’m trying to upgrade a plugin of mine to latest juce. I’m using tip of juce develop and Projucer 5.4.3 and Xcode 9.

When trying to run standalone I get: The file RP2A03 couldn't be opened because you don't have permission to view it.

You don't have permission.

If I double click on the compiled .app I get:

You can't open the application RP2A03 because it may be damaged or incomplete.

It compiles fine with no errors or warnings, but if I look in the .app there is no executable – any ideas?

Figured it out, my project was missing juce_audio_plugin_client module. Odd it would still build without errors.


Oddly enough juce_audio_plugin_client warns you if you’re missing modules it depends on, but nothing warns you if you’re missing juce_audio_plugin_client

#if ! JUCE_MODULE_AVAILABLE_juce_audio_utils
 #error To compile AudioUnitv3 and/or Standalone plug-ins, you need to add the juce_audio_utils and juce_audio_devices modules!