"`.xcodeproj" File in Projucer Build Folder

There’s a strange looking “`.xcodeproj” file in the Xcode Projucer builds folder. Is this supposed to be there or a relic from a rouge commit?

Thanks, yes, looks like some kind of temporary file that got sucked in by mistake.

(I like the idea of a “rouge” commit!)

I’m sure Git has some mind of its own. HEAD likes to be detached more often than not in one of my projects these days…

I’ve always found submodules to be the main cause of detached heads…

That does seem to be the case.
Does anyone know how to easily re-attach a head?

Needle and thread?

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Yes, that might work. I’m sure there was something added in std::thread for this…

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std::thread::join() perhaps :slight_smile:

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