XDND support

for those who are interested, or need to have file drag and drop support in your apps, this is a first stab at XDND support (treating linux component peer as target only, not source… since juce doesn’t support sending drop messages to others apps).


hope to see cleaned and merged in the next juce version !


…dropped file names are escaped. I mean special characters and non-english characters are escaped. You must unescape file names yourself before sending them to a component or provide a function to let programmers unecape them by themselves.

i’ve not figured out much this as i’ve tried dropping files with regular names only (my mistake then)… i don’t think this will be difficult, but won’t look at it unless is merged in the juce trunk, i don’t want to work on something that probably have changed by jules over time…
probably in the handleDragAndDropSelection we should convert the char* droppedData to be utf8 instead… don’t know how at the moment, so if you want to look in it by yourself it will be appreciated here: we are working togheter, isn’t that the goal of the linux community ?


The escaped file names are escaped like a regular URL link in a browser. Also, the escaped file names are already UTF-8 encoded and escaped characters are UTF-8 escaped characters. So, I’ve found the utility function (from POCO library) that unescapes escaped strings (I’ve adopted it to JUCE a little bit). And it works for me!

[code]String unescape(const String& str)
std::string instr(str);

std::string::const_iterator it  = instr.begin();
std::string::const_iterator end = instr.end();
std::string decodedStr;

while (it != end)
	char c = *it++;
	if (c == '%')
		if (it == end) break;
		char hi = *it++;
		if (it == end) break;
		char lo = *it++;
		if (hi >= '0' && hi <= '9')
			c = hi - '0';
		else if (hi >= 'A' && hi <= 'F')
			c = hi - 'A' + 10;
		else if (hi >= 'a' && hi <= 'f')
			c = hi - 'a' + 10;
		else break;
		c *= 16;
		if (lo >= '0' && lo <= '9')
			c += lo - '0';
		else if (lo >= 'A' && lo <= 'F')
			c += lo - 'A' + 10;
		else if (lo >= 'a' && lo <= 'f')
			c += lo - 'a' + 10;
		else break;

	decodedStr += c;

#if defined(POSIX)
return String::fromUTF8((const uint8*)decodedStr.c_str());
#elif defined(WINDOWS)
return String(decodedStr.c_str());


ah the names was escaped, not encoded !
i’ve not understaood that when i read your post…
my mind’s blowing !