Xhtml (+facebook connect) problems

Hi there,

I’ve set up a very basic website to view friends that I’m trying to integrate into my Juce app using WebBrowserComponent. I’m using Facebook connect and have tested on IE8 and Firefox, and it works just fine, but in my app via WebBrowserComponent, none of the XFBML is rendering (the below code just shows “View Friends” in plain text on a white screen). I’m using XP, so my suspicion is that IE7 is the engine used by WebBrowserComponent, and that it may be an IE7-specific issue, but searching for Facebook Connect and IE7 results in nothing useful that I haven’t already tried.

I don’t have IE7 here so can’t confirm this is the issue. Do you suspect this is the cause, or something else? I’ve included the relevant xhtml below:

View Friends


The web component doesn’t specify a version of IE, so I’d have thought it’d just load the most up-to-date version on your machine. Sorry, I’m not much of a HTML expert so don’t really know what might be going wrong there. Could be any number of differences between IE in an app and the ActiveX version of it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ok, I will switch to using their REST API instead of the WebBrowserComponent.