XML document creation niggle

[code] if (includeXmlHeader)
doc << T("<?xml version=“1.0” encoding="")
<< encoding;

    if (allOnOneLine)
        doc += T("\"?> ");
        doc += T("\"?>\n\n");

if (dtd.isNotEmpty())
    if (allOnOneLine)
        doc << dtd << T(" ");
        doc << dtd << T("\r\n"); // line 407

I have a slightly older version I admit, but any reason why a \r is used on line 407 instead of a single \n or two \n’s. You don’t use \r anywhere else, and since I am writing this to a file right after creation, I’m sure it would translate the text as need-be as well…

Edit: Also noticed it in WriteFile

*out << T("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"") << encoding << T("\"?>\r\n\r\n") << dtd << T("\r\n");

Mixed line-endings seem to be around the XML document class…