XOR drawing for custom mouse cursor image?

Hi all,

very simple question:

			embeddedresources::mouse_pipette_png, embeddedresources::mouse_pipette_pngSize)),
			1, 15));

I’ve got my nice pipette cursor, but it’s black and as such you can’t see it on a black image.
Is it possible to enable XOR drawing or equiv somehow ?


not yet, but have a look here http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4761 it could happen sooner or later.

it would be neat if jules could add it :slight_smile:
maybe make it default as it should be for custom mouse cursor images. ?


Adding extra blending modes to the rendering stack is completely unrelated to mouse cursors.

And I’m afraid I HATE xor-ed cursors with a vengeance, so certainly won’t be supporting it. Who in their right mind would want a cursor that disappears when you move it over a grey background!? Back when I had to use MS word, it used to drive me mad that your cursor vanished when you moved it off the document into the grey panels at the sides!

Why not just give your black cursor a white outline, so it’s visible against any background?

dunno, cause it’s a standard that’s employed everywhere/all OS’es ?
i delivered a test version of my software today and users noticed it immediately…


[quote]it’s a standard that’s employed everywhere/all OS’es ?

I’d say it’s more of a legacy than a standard.

And AFAIK OSX doesn’t even support XOR any more - cursors are just specified as normal images, and the ancient APIs that let you provide a mono bitmask are long since deprecated.