XSD support in Juce XML classes?

Hello Everyone …

I think right now juce XML parsing does not support XML Schema validation, right ?
Has any one tried it with any thing else that can generate minimum dependency ?
how shall we use XSD ? with juce XML parser ?


No, my intention was never to create a heavyweight parser that can handle schemas, just a fast one for straightforward serialisation of data. TBH I don’t know much about how schemas work… it might be relatively easy to validate them, or it may be incredibly hard!

Could anyone tell me if it might be possible to get XSD validation going in a Juce based application?

I'm working on a MIDI Processor plugin; the user will define the desired behaviour by way of an XML file, so I need some comprehensive validation when the user loads their XML into the plugin. I started writing a proceedural validator using XmlElement, but quickly realised that using an XML schema would be far more maintainable.

I've successfully rolled a working XSD1.1 schema for my plugin's XML format, I'm currently validating it in Terminal using Xerces2 Java

Any advice as to how I might go about getting the XSD1.1 validation into my Juce plugin would be hugely appreciated. Perhaps using something like XSD/e, Xerces-C++ (XSD 1.0 only AFAIK) or Adrian Mouat's suggestsions on Stack Overflow?

I'm pretty new to Juce and C++ so I'm on the steep portion of the learning curve - if this is something anyone reading is interested in working on, I have funds available for my project to bring someone on board.