Yosemite: main() not called?


Sorry, not related to Juce, but Im facing a very strange issue and hope that one of you could help...

One of my apps is running for years under MacOSX without any change, used by plenty of people. But now I got a handful of reports from users having trouble after upgrading to Yosemite. In some case (it is not systematic), this app is not working anymore. I've been able to access through remote desktop to a Mac having this issue and the result is very strange:

- the app is launched, it appears in the Activity Monitor, receives a PID, but is consuming 0% CPU and has no exchange with the file system (this is not normal).

- there is no crash report in the Console, no log, absolutely no feedback coming from the app.

- the very first instruction in the main() is a printf, so at least one line should be displayed in the Terminal when I start the app from the command line... but nothing.

=> my conclusion is that the app is launched, the main() is never called, but the app remains pending (it does not exit immediately).

I never got such problem before and I am somewhat helpless... any idea?



Well... in fact there is no problem in my code.

I was thinging that main() is not called because the program freezes so quickly, the logs are not yet commited to the screen (no possibility to debug under XCode because through a remote desktop session on a customer's computer). I ran a debug version and used the [sample] option from the Activity Monitor to get the current stack trace, and discovered that a call to MIDIClientCreate is freezing the process. This is due to Avid CoreAudio driver which is not supported by Yosemite :-(

So be careful, please check that all your gear is using Yosemite compatible drivers before upgrading. This is not yet the case for AVID Mbox, and maybe some other devices.


Ah yes, we've seen this driver causing problems before. Took me ages (and a very helpful user) to track it down. This was on Mavericks though so looks to be generally problematic. Glad you found it so quckly!