1 request of TextEditor

It would make the TextEditor more useable if add 2 arguments in TextEditor::setReturnKeyStartsNewLine().

    /** ... the arg 2 'breakWord' is very necessary for CJK text. */
    void setReturnKeyStartsNewLine (bool shouldStartNewLine,
                                    bool breakWord = false
                                    const float lineSpacing = 0.f);

~~ EDITED ~~

Sounds like a reasonable request to add an option for lineSpacing. However, can’t you simply use void setMultiLine (bool shouldBeMultiLine, bool shouldWordWrap = true) method to disable/enable word wrapping? Also why would you want to change the line spacing via the setReturnKeyStartsNewLine method?

Sorry about the unclear post, I should have edited that to:

Add 2 new arg to TextEditor::setMultiLine()

void setMultiLine (bool shouldBeMultiLine,
                   bool shouldWordWrap = true
                   bool breakWord = false
                   const float lineSpacing = 0.f);


  • At the present, the arg 2 shouldWordWrap decides wheather a paragraph places in a single-line (never break up in muilti-line) or not. Its effect depends on arg 1 shouldBeMultiLine = true. That’s OK and necessary.

  • The arg 3 ‘breakWord’ is absent in JUCE::TextEditor. The reason I think perhaps Jules doesn’t know CJK characters/text/writing and composing style well (seems a lot of non-CJK programer also doesn’t), and that’s why a lot of Chinese C++ programers (many of them are my best friends) refuse to use JUCE, they always say: JUCE doesn’t support our language (unicode, etc.)… TBH, that’s not fully true.

    In English for example, there’s alway a space between 2 words (except ‘-’), and there’s no need to have a indent for every paragraph which normally are 4 spaces on computer field. Because of this, JUCE::TextEditor never breaks the word which at the last of a line when in multi-line mode (the real situation is more complex we can see in TextEditor::Iterator::next()). That’s fine for all Latin writing system, but for CJK? it’s a disaster. Even worse, Chinese for example, it at least has 2 writing system (maybe more): the Simplified Chinese (no any space between 2 words) and the Traditional Chinese (some has space between 2 words, some hasn’t. I don’t know well about this system even I’m a Chinese).

  • The arg 4 lineSpacing will make the TextEditor more readable, especially for some certain font. You could imagine if the webs and CSS language hasn’t any line-spacing setting…

English isn’t my mother-tongue, I can’t express a lot of things well, so… sorry about my terrible words and thanks for reading it.

Add: I mean ‘disaster’ isn’t from any malevolence. Nowadays, people are always mixed up some Latin words and sentences in Chinese text, in this case, the text layout and new line-style of JUCE::TextEditor (muilti-line mode) seems very wrong…