16 mono + 8 stereo outputs

I’m tryiging to reach 16 mono and 8 stereo outputs by overriding isBusesLayoutSupported, counting stereo and mono channels in layout from parameter and returning true if they are 16+8. It worked for VST3 very well. But it doesn’t work for AU and AAX. In AU changes in isBusesLayoutSupported looks like provides random results. In AAX that approach makes that Pro Tools doesn’t even show plugin as avaiable. I though that maybe those DAWs have limitations like Ableton has. But I saw non-JUCE plugin which could reach those numbers in both mentioned formats. So might be it JUCE limitation/bug? Or I’m doing something wrong. I’m sure that both DAWs ask isBusesLayoutSupported about 16+8 configuration and true is returned in that case.

Thanks you