2 "shadows a member of 'this'" warnings

if you want to remove them.

audioMaster and blockSize are in audioeffect.h, so we have :

juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp:249: Declaration of 'audioMaster' shadows a member of 'this' :
JuceVSTWrapper (audioMasterCallback audioMaster, AudioProcessor* const af)
       : AudioEffectX (audioMaster, af->getNumPrograms(), af->getNumParameters()),

juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp:667: Declaration of 'blockSize' shadows a member of 'this' :
            const int blockSize = getBlockSize();

Thanks, will tidy that up. Strange that I never noticed that warning myself, the code has been in there for a long time.

yes, just for info they only appeared to me when I tried compiling with llvm gcc 4.2 instead of apple llvm 4.1

btw I also got many "base class has a non-virtual destructor" for the following classes. But not with classes where one would use a pointer to the base, so I'm not sure you want to made them all virtual.. but for info :


also the different Pixel* constructors have undefined variables with the default constructors, but as they are commented "Creates a Pixel* without defining its colour", I'm not sure you want to changed that too.

I got many warnings, it's quite a lot of work to read them all and see if there are really critical ones in there.


Jules, I'll just keep posting some warnings. but it's just for info, ignore them if you want.

some "extra ';'" for all the :
   juce_ImplementSingleton_SingleThreaded (SomeClass);
    juce_ImplementSingleton (SomeClass);

and in :

CodeEditorComponent::ColourScheme XmlTokeniser::getDefaultColourScheme()

JUCE_DECLARE_NON_COPYABLE (ViewFrameChangeCallbackClass);

at the end of "namespace AnimatedPositionBehaviours { ... };"

IMHO for such old compiler just change the warning level. Pretty soon it will not be supported anymore.

None of those classes should have virtual destructors - and any compiler that warns about them is just plain wrong! Only classes that have a virtual method should generate a warning like that.