3 GFX questions: SGV, paths and Masks


I have three questions:

  1. is it possible to export a path from an SVG Drawable?

  2. is it possible to apply color modifications to an SVG Drawable?

  3. is it possible to make a mask out of a Component or path?

Thanks in advance!

Well, the drawable is just a structure made out of Drawable objects, so you could traverse it and turn it into whatever you need. And sure, you can change or mess with any of the nodes in it if you can find the right one!

Masking, not really, as the vector code doesn’t support boolean ops on paths, so that’s maybe something for the future.

Thanks jules!

ill investigate the drawable class deeper.
it could be nice if it had a method that gets a list of paths, or have jucer parse it to juce code as an option… ill see if i can mock something up.

im using color coding in my software, and it could be nice to have the SVG’s use that.

masks would be awesome :smiley: