4.2.1 and RTAS on OSX: -7400 error

@ttg, indeed when using the default setting to build a Universal Binary, the JuceDemoPlugin in RTAS format contains no symbols. It is 17.8 MB big here though. When I change it to a 32 bit build the symbols are there (and the binary has the same size). It doesn’t change the original loading error though, so I still suspect it’s the rez thing.
@onqel: as per this highly unrepresentative study, there should still be about 30 percent RTAS users out there. I think that number is not too far off, there’s probably quite some studios out there who are afraid to change a running system. Sure, RTAS is on the way out, but if this issue here really is caused by not supporting Carbon, I think it should be fixed, the same way it has been fixed for AUs (see here ).

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