4 requests of FileTreeComponent and TreeView

  • Add a new argument in TreeView::setRootItemVisible():
    /** ... Arg 2 'rootName' will diaplay some text(description) of the root if arg 1 is true*/
    void setRootItemVisible (bool shouldBeVisible,
                             const String& rootDescription = String());

    // Also...
    const String& getRootDescription() const;
  • Add 2 similar new methods in FileTreeComponent:
    /** For exmple: 

        // set all txt-file's icon which will be displayed in the tree
        setIconOfFileType ("txt", myTxtIcon); 

        // All other file types will display the default icon...
    void setIconOfFileType (const String& fileExtension, 
                            const Image& icon);

    /** Just like the above...

        // set the icon of a special dir 'myCustomDir'
        setIconOfSpecifiedDir ("myCustomDir", myCustomDirIcon); 

        // All other dirs will display the default icon...
    void setIconOfSpecifiedDir (const String& dirName, 
                                const Image& iconOfTheDir);

    void setIconOfSpecifiedDir (const File& dir, 
                                const Image& iconOfTheDir);
  • Add a new method in FileTreeComponent:
    /** The tree will display all files extension by default, but you can call this to...  */
    void setDisplayFileExtension (const bool displayExtension);

Can you be more specific what the description parameter should do? The rootItem can already have name and this will be displayed when visible.

Thanks for your attention, fabian. That’s where I got very confused when:

    fileTreeComponent->setRootItemVisible (true);

the root item just showed an icon without any text… Perhaps I missed something important. I’m considering to use TreeView, ValueTree and a custom TreeviewItem class to replace the solution at the present, hopefully they will satisfied our need…

That’s strange. Look at the ValueTrees and XML&JSON demos (which use TreeViews internally). Both of them have a root item and both display text. I guess you are trying to do this with a FileTreeView?

Yes. i think what I need is a special-featured file browser/manager inside the app’s main interface. it’s more complex than I thought before when the class FileTreeComponent isn’t overall enough.

And yes, I’ve seriously studied nearly all JUCE demos/exmples, commented all the code almost line by line… It’s a huge hard work (took me almost 2 years and a lot of code I still can’t understand fully) . All my knowledge about JUCE (include code style and JAVA-like naming custom) totally from them…