50 $ for a MIDI Key Switch aax 64 bit plugin

I'm Jorge Moreno, from Madrid, Spain.
I'm going crazy to resolve a little issue.
Now I work with Pro Tools 11 (PC) and East West sample libraries.
ALL I NEED IS A SIMPLE MIDI KEYSWITCH in AAX 64bit plugin format to
use it directly in Pro Tools.
That is, in one instance of PLAY (sample player like kontakt) I load
several instruments in the SAME midi channel and with the keyswitch
let me hear the desired articulation. For example, in midi channel 1 I
can have a violin with legato with C0 keyswitch, staccato in D0 and
pizzicato in E0.
The link below is what I need but in aax format?
Would you be so kind as to create for me (and for everyone who want
it) that plugin?
I can pay you up to 50 $ for the work.