A couple compile issues (mac)


I realize codewarrior is dead, but here’s a few things I found while trying to compile with it:

juce.h line 165

#if defined( __GNUC__ ) || defined( __MWERKS__ )

juce_platformdefs.h line 136

[code]#ifdef MWERKS

typedef __int64             int64;
/** A platform-independent 64-bit unsigned integer type. */
typedef unsigned __int64    uint64;


juce_Atomic.h does not compile.

juce_mac_windowing.cpp line 938,

OSErr JUCEDragReceiveHandler should be declared pascal. There are other routines with this problem in juce_mac_fonts.cpp also such as CubicClosePath, juce_mac_filechooser.cpp such as juceNavEventProc.

Also the macro T() is not a good choice as MSL internally uses it for other purposes, using _T() or something else would be better.

Thanks. I can add those tweaks easily enough, but don’t have a copy of CW to try myself, so can’t guarantee I won’t break it again…

Never heard of MSL, what’s that? Not much chance of changing the T macro, I must use it in at least several thousand places throughout all my projects!

Do you still have - or did you succeed in getting Codewarrior to work with Juce? I’m going on the road without a Win laptop and could still use CW to make Win compiles if it works.