A.I. powered plugins - JUCE developers needed

Hi JUCE community :wave:

We are looking for a full-stack audio developer to join our team at NeuralSonic. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining our audio software, that is based on Artificial Intelligence. You will be part of the team while building prototypes, design, profiling and optimizing time–critical audio (optional) and graphical code to sending out builds to beta testers and responding to user support requests.


  • Develop native macOS and Windows audio plug–ins and apps using primarily the JUCE framework (VST2, VST3 & AAX)
  • Manually test products on supported DAWs
  • Maintain and implement new automatic unit tests
  • Continue to improve UX
  • Maintain the code repository, currently under git version control


  • Proficient object–oriented C++ 11/14/17 skills
  • Multi–threaded programming skills
  • OpenGL or any other 3D framework knowledge
  • Proficient in developing in macOS (or Windows) environments
  • Experience using git version control
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


  • This is a remote, work–from–home position

If you’re interested in learning more about our A.I. based plugins, do not hesitate to get in touch :ok_hand:



Hey there,

your job description sounds very appealing to me. I myself have been working on some AI-Audio projects in the past years. Would love to learn more about your projects!
Could you provide an email address to contact you?

all the best!

Hey Bgraf :slight_smile:

This is Marv, my email is marvan.shamma@gmail.com
Please do get in touch with some more information about your technical background and experience.
Then we can arrange a phone call, at some point in the first half of next week.


thanks for your message. Yes actually we are looking for senior developer(s) to help us develop a VST plugin for ProTools that require expertise in building and connecting the VST so it can make changes in ProTools automation, for instance a VST equaliser that will overwrite the values of a preselected sound layer in the project.

Do you have any experience in building such VSTs please?

Thanks a lot,