A useful Batch Image Resizer

if you too, like me, struggle every time you have to post a new app to the App Store Connect creating screenshots of the exact sizes required by Apple, then reuse the same images for the website, the socials, etc. and each and every service wants its own image format… then you need this little utility I wrote with Juce.

I’ve been using a program called IrfanView for many years, but it doesn’t do multiple conversions at the same time, and also organizing different images for several destinations must be made manually and requires much attention.

I like to make my life easier because I hate seeing white hair on my head… so why should I do something that the computer can do for me?

Hope you appreciate. Link below.



Note for macOS/Linux users: Windows only… :cry:

edit: no longer true :partying_face:

This really looks useful. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

Side note: ah, IrfanView! What a great little program. I was already using it in the previous century! The one program I dearly missed when switching to the mac.

I have added a Mac version.

The executable is signed but I haven’t made an installer for it, so I don’t know if the Gatekeeper blocks it…
I would like to post it to the App Store but have never approached it for macOS apps before and I don’t know what the prerequisites are… I’ll try when I have time.


By default it’s getting blocked by GateKeeper, but there’s a simple way to bypass:

In Terminal

sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /path/to/BatchImageResizer.app

After that worked for me, whereas before it just told me could not be opened and didn’t even give the option to run regardless :man_shrugging:

Thanks for adding the macOS version, it will require being notarised to be able to avoid GateKeeper’s nannying, but this work around is fine in the meantime.


For me on BigSur chmod -R 777 /path/to/BatchImageResizer.app did the trick.

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I managed to post the App to the macOS App Store:

I had to apply only a few changes to the Xcode project to compensate things that are not properly set by the Projucer.

I’ve also modified this App in order to use multithreading, so multiple output formats are processed at the same time. I got to convert over 400 big images to 12 different sizes in a matter of seconds on my i7 9700K Windows PC, but I guess the Mac M1 is even faster, haven’t tried tho.

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