AAX CPU Spikes

Has anyone figured out why the plugins are having so many CPU spikes? I have tested with my own plugins. All of them seem to give CPU spikes. Testing on Windows 7, PT 10 3Pdev and vs2010.

Does your signal processing generate very low floating-point values (like IIR filter do)? If it’s the case, it’s probably that: very low floating-point values are binary represented using the so-called denormalized (denormal) convention, and computations with these values are not done by hard CPU wires, but by CPU subroutine, which can take 40->500 longer than non-denormal values, depending on the CPU model. There are multiple ways to partly kill this behaviour, but none is magic. Here is a small recap: http://code.google.com/p/no-more-denormals/wiki/HowOthersDo .

Awsome information. I will look into it. My plugins normally only use 2-5% of the CPU and now my i5 chokes…

another explanation would be calls to malloc() in the audio process thread , pro tools hates that for RTAS plugins so I’m pretty sure it also hates that when AAX plugins do the same

Not using the POW function in the audiothread also did loose a lot of cycles. Any more tips for AAX?
Now on 15 %.