AAX - how do you create the project with the Introjucer?


Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on porting my code to the latest Juce tip (2.0.38), and am planning on moving things over to AAX ASAP. I’m not exactly sure how one starts an AAX port, as I don’t see any AAX options in the Introjucer. Any tips on how one starts this?


Sean Costello


Tick the box that says “Build AAX”!


Aargh. For whatever reasons, my updates to the Juce code weren’t updating the Introjucer project. I have the “AAX” option now. Thanks!

My programming skills are slightly above those of your average grizzly bear, or “brown bear” for those of you outside North America. I just tend to shake the computer around until plugins fall out. :mrgreen:

Sean Costello




One last question for AAX devs: Are there any particular steps needed to create 64-bit AAX plugins using the Introjucer? Which OSX SDK should I use, and which OSX architecture?


Sean Costello