AAX Plug-in doesn't allow Pro Tools to save

Hi there,
I builded the AAX default Juce’s project to run the plug-in into Pro Tools.
It kinda works but when I try to save PT session it shows me this error: “Could not complete the Save command because (20700)”.

Surely, I miss something, but what?
I started with the default project hoping to undestard the way to build an AAX with a little hint but… is not simple as I hoped.

Thank you!

That is typically the problem, when the AudioProcessor::getStateInformarion() returns empty (i.e. you don’t save anything).
The error will go away, as soon as you write literally anything into the memoryBlock in this function. A single character will do.
Sure, later you want to write something meaningful here, e.g. if mState is your AudioProcessorValueTreeState:

void MyAudioProcessor::getStateInformation (MemoryBlock& destData)
    MemoryOutputStream stream(destData, false);
    mState.state.writeToStream (stream);

Thank you, it works.

This should have been fixed on develop and master with commit 6f879cd. Are you using the latest version of JUCE?