ABC of Delay / Modulation Plugins

Hi @everone,

this is a newbie question so please bare with me.

With my little to none of a background in C++ and Juce i would kindly like to ask for “easy-to-grasp” tips & hints so i can learn whilst following the process of coding a plugin with joy.

The project consists of a delay effect with 6 channels, varying delay times between 1ms-60ms, feedback, a left/mute/right routing matrix and a dry / wet parameter for both left and right main-channels.

By now i figured how to code a CircularBufferDelay, feedback-, gain- and mix parameters following along ADC & TheAudioProgrammer.

However, what i stumbled upon was on how to integrate this process within a multichannel thread.

ideas, topics & any kind of help on this would be largely appreciated!

some things to consider:

feedback loop nonlinear? if not put gain after delay to make it obvious to the user.

interpolation types of ring buffer access for different levels of quality during modulation of the rate.

oversampling if you plan quite fast modulation.

changing rate either via resampling or crossfades depending on intended usecases.