Ableton Live and not automatable parameters

Hello guys !

In a plug-in I have developed, there are a few parameters which are marked not automatable. I can see in a few hosts that these parameters cannot be changed from the host without using the UI.

However, in Ableton Live, I can use the option to configure some automation on any parameter which is supposed to be not automatable. And in this case, the plug-in crashes when this operation happens...

What can I do to solve this issue ? Is it because Ableton Live does not care about the isAutomatable flag ? Or something else ?

Thanks in advance !

AFAIK it's up to the host whether it chooses to take notice of that flag. Presumably Ableton ignores it..

Probably ;) I just wanted to know if some people have seen the same thing. If Ableton Live really ignores this flag, that means I should reconfigure all my plug-ins and remove all the not automatable parameters from the list of "official" plug-in parameters...

Coincidentally I was chatting to one of the Ableton devs who works on this area of their codebase last night in a bar, so I asked him about this. Unfortunately I was a bit drunk by that point and don't fully remember the details of the answer, but I think he said that yes, they ignore the flag.

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This is what I would call a rock star class answer ! Thanks a lot !!

Next time please also mention this behavior ;-)