Ableton Track Freezing initialize AU-Plugin

So I have the following Bug in my (Synth-)Plugin. If I use it in Ableton and freeze the track it will freeze it with the init-settings and not the the settings the plugin has right now. The problem only exists for AU. VST3 works fine. So I was wondering what actually happens during freezing in Ableton and where are the differences during this process between AU and VST3?

It looks like Live 11 notifies AU plugins when it is about to do an offline render (freeze). In this case, the JUCE wrapper will call setNonRealtime on the AudioProcessor and then call prepareToPlay to give the plugin a chance to set itself up for offline rendering.

VST3 plugins are handled slightly differently, in that they don’t receive a notification that offline rendering will start, and so prepareToPlay may not be called if the project sample rate is the same as the device sample rate.

It sounds like your prepareToPlay might be resetting the plugin parameters to default states.

Thanks a lot. “prepareToPlay” was exactly the right place to look for.
Solved it now.